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Jadyn Jacobs

Junior Greg Roumainstev plays his trombone during band practice March 4. Roumainstev is excited about learning new pieces and meeting new people at All-States music festival.

Junior Greg Roumainstev, trombone

How did you prepare for the audition and what was the audition process like?

“Lucky for me, the audition piece was a piece [“Morceau Symphonique”] I was already somewhat familiar with, but I practiced a lot each week and practiced with my tutor a lot.”

How long have you been playing trombone? 

“I have been playing trombone since the fourth grade which means I’ve been playing it for around seven years now.”

What are you looking forward to at All States?

“I’m really looking forward to All States. I’m really excited to learn these new pieces and I’m excited to meet new people from other schools.”

Is there anything you hope to gain from your experience?

“Nothing in particular, to be honest, but I’m hoping that in general I can pick up some skills from other trombonists and can become a better trombonist as a result.”

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