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Freshman vocalist Maria Nagaria rehearsing songs for the All-State music festival.

Freshman Maria Nagaria, voice

How did you prepare for the audition and what was the audition process like?

I was given the piece I had to prepare about a month before the audition was due. I really started learning the piece itself a few weeks after it was given to us. The choral director here at Algonquin, Ms. Golliger, helped me out, too. I practiced a little bit for a week, and I got the song [“My Spirit Sang All Day”] down very quickly.”

How long have you been singing? 

I have been singing for a while now, probably 10 years. I started off with singing and eventually got into musical theater, in which I learned many techniques, especially involving breath support and enunciation.”

What are you looking forward to at All States?

I am really looking forward to meeting so many new people who love what I love, too. I am also excited to be able to work with extremely talented people and really amazing composers who are going to help this choir make all of our pieces for the final concert perfect.”

Is there anything you hope to gain from your experience?

I hope to learn new techniques and pointers from all the intelligent people around me so that I can improve myself. I am really blessed that I am able to perform at such a prestigious place like Boston Symphony Hall as just a freshman, and I know that this entire experience will stay with me my whole life.”

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