The Scariest Things: ‘The Others’

Though praising the cinematography and acting, Assistant Opinion Editor Jula Utzschneider writes that ‘The Others’ felt more like a drama than a horror film.

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Though praising the cinematography and acting, Assistant Opinion Editor Jula Utzschneider writes that ‘The Others’ felt more like a drama than a horror film.

Jula Utzschneider, Assistant Opinion Editor

Are you ready for ghosts, drama and a plot twist that will blow your mind? This week, I watched “The Others” (2001), written and directed by Alejandro Amenábar. This thriller follows the devoutly religious Grace (Nicole Kidman), mother of Anne (Alakina Mann) and Nicholas (James Bentley), who suffer from a rare photosensitivity disease that causes the sun to harm them. During World War II, Grace moves her family to the English coast, where her daughter claims to be able to see ghosts. Initially thinking the new servants are playing tricks on her, Grace soon experiences chilling events that make her believe her daughter.

Without further ado, let’s start the review.

The Others by Jula Utzschneider

Fright Factor: How scary is the movie?

Rating: 5/10

For a horror movie, I was expecting it to be scarier than it was. Although there were definitely a few jump scares and areas where suspense was created, it is totally lacking in the spine-chilling, hair-raising aspect that horror movies are all about.

Plot: Is the storyline/script interesting?

Rating: 8/10

At the beginning of the movie, I thought it was just going to be a basic “ghosts haunt house and the protagonists find a way to get rid of them” type of movie, but I was wrong. The plot twist at the end really had me surprised, especially when I thought I had the ending all figured out. That being said, the movie didn’t get interesting until well over halfway into it, which I find a bit annoying.

Quality: How well is it produced? How good is the acting?

Rating: 7/10

“The Others” was produced very well, and the setting and cinematography were beautiful. Nicole Kidman was amazing in the role of Grace, but my favorites were Alakina Mann and James Bentley, who play Grace’s children. In some parts, it doesn’t even feel like they are acting, like when Anne had just been hit by her mother. She looked genuinely hurt and I completely forgot it was part of the movie. The only thing I found irritating about the movie’s production was the volume. During the dialogue, they were speaking very softly and I really had to pay attention so as not to miss something. On the other hand, during parts when there was music playing (to build suspense), the volume was unnecessarily loud and I felt like I was about to burst an eardrum. 

Entertaining: How fun is it to watch?

Rating: 5/10

This movie, for the most part, was boring. It also wasn’t super easy to watch, as you really had to pay attention the whole time. If you missed one line of dialogue, you might not understand what was going on the rest of the movie. However, I did really enjoy the last 20 minutes, when the plot twist was revealed. If the rest of the movie was like that, it would have been way more enjoyable.

Overall Rating:  6/10

Honestly, this movie felt like more of a drama than a horror. It’s not a bad movie, but I definitely think more scares and elements of horror movies would have taken it to the next level. The ending was fantastic, but for me it doesn’t make up for the disappointment the rest of the “horror” movie is. 

Have a frightful Friday everyone, and be sure to come back on February 26 for my review of “Chucky.”