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Freshman Alex Franca

What was your initial reaction to hearing news of the events that transpired at the Capitol building on Wednesday?

“At first when my dad told me, I was shocked and I was trying to understand what led to all of this. I was trying to figure out who was on what side because I heard someone say something about Trump supporters.”

Would you consider the people who entered the building protestors, rioters or something different?

“I can’t label the entire group of people one thing. Those who were just watching, I would call them rioters. The people who actually broke into the Capitol building, I would call them terrorists.”

How do you feel these actions will affect the future of our country and what steps should be taken next by our lawmakers?

“I feel like for Trump, it was the worst thing you possibly could’ve done. I really hope that future lawmakers can prevent this from happening again.”

Do you believe the 25th Amendment (which states if the President becomes unable to do his job, the Vice President will assume the role of the President) should be exercised in response to the president’s words and actions on the day of the Capitol shutdown?

“I do believe the 25th Amendment should’ve been used because the Vice President did not agree with what happened at the Capitol.”

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