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Sophomore Marin Trendel

What was your initial reaction to hearing news of the events that transpired at the Capitol building on Wednesday?

“It was highly disappointing and disturbing to me, but it was predictable. There were signs leading up to this event that had been largely ignored.”

Would you consider the people who entered the building protestors, rioters or something different?

“I would not refer to the people who broke into the Capitol building as protestors or rioters. Their actions and the degree of violence they showed are more reflective of extremists or domestic terrorists.”

How do you feel these actions will affect the future of our country and what steps should be taken next by our lawmakers?

“This has created a negative, unstable image of America that will take some time to change. I think lawmakers will need to focus on rebuilding a sense of unity in order for any progress to be made.”

Do you believe the 25th Amendment (which states if the President becomes unable to do his job, the Vice President will assume the role of the President) should be exercised in response to the president’s words and actions on the day of the Capitol shutdown?

“Yes, I think the President’s behavior justifies removal from office however possible.”