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The storming of the Capitol: Algonquin’s reactions

Students and faculty were asked about their reactions to the shutdown of the Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6.

Social Distancing procedures were practiced during all interviews and masks were worn inside at all times and only removed if outside and at least 10 feet apart.

Compiled by: Jessie Lambert, Sofia Abdullina, Karthik Yalala, Nathaniel Baez, Sharada Vishwanath, Aaliyah Yan, Brianna Tang, Melissa Dai, Erik Lin, Marin Klein

Freshman Makayla Austin
Sophomore Marin Trendel
Social studies teacher Brian Kellett
Freshman Omar El Nesr
Freshman Alex Franca
Senior Esteban Contreras
Senior Jarrod Caracciolo
Freshman Mathew Zhang
Junior Serena Binto
Senior Nick Seto
Senior Ben Westphal
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