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Celebrities use social media to encourage followers to vote

Nearing the end of a year full of both ups and downs, the 2020 presidential election has left our country more divided than ever before. With social media being the center of many Americans’ lives, especially during the pandemic, influential celebrities are weighing in on how important voting is and who they are choosing: President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden. These celebrities have a huge following and are influential in many people’s lives. By asking their fans to get out and vote helps make people care more about the government and issues going on. 

Let’s take a look at some celebrities who have been sharing their political views on Instagram and Twitter:

Leonardo DiCaprio
Hailey Baldwin Bieber
Jack Black
Taylor Swift
Kim Kardashian West
Kanye West
James Woods
Diamond and Silk
Snoop Dogg
Jonathan Van Ness
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