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First days of hybrid: students’ reactions

After beginning the school year on September 16 with remote learning, most students started hybrid learning and returned to the school building for the first time since March on October 6 and 7. Harbinger reporters asked students and faculty about their opinions on the first day. 

Social Distancing procedures were practiced during all interviews and masks were worn inside at all times and only removed if outside and at least 10 feet apart.

Compiled by: Ben Schanzer, Riya Mahanta, Katherine Wu, Jula Utzschneider, Tony Bianchi, Billy Smith, Sharada Vishwanath, Ava Aymie, Jeffrey Dratch, Zoe Manousos, Jessie Lambert, Henry Antino, Jenny Lambert, Joe Dolmolky, Sofia Abdullina, Yahya Ibrahimi, Kaitlin Bardsley, Annemargaret Furgal

Sophomore Adrien Moulin
Freshman Allison Moore
Sophomore Bitsy Reynolds
Math teacher Ellen Marieni
Foreign Language teacher Emily Squires
Applied Arts teacher George Clark
Senior Jimmy Clifford
Freshman McKenzie Wood
Principal Sean Bevan
Senior Victoria Witkowski
Senior William Saulnier
Senior Wraven Watanabe
Senior Yasmin Lee
Junior Bobby Kebartas
Sophomore Adam Khreim
Science teacher Christina Connolly
Senior Chris Bleck
Junior Joe Scangas
Senior Emma Stott (Stand-Alone Remote learner)
Junior Jack Stevenson
Senior Aaron Chysna
Freshman Elizabeth Connolly
Junior Anna Haven
Freshman Bella King
Freshman Bryn Domolky
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