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This year, students can take Philosophy and learn about many of the ideas put forth by Aristotle and other philosophers.

Philosophy (H)

This coming school year, juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to delve into the world of knowledge, reality and the values of existence by taking the Philosophy (H) elective offered by the World Languages department. 

While the class has been offered for the last 10 years, World Languages teacher Angela Moll believes it has not run recently because of a lack of information about the class which she says will open students’ eyes to the world and new ideas.

“Philosophy offers an intrinsic value of reading the great works of philosophy and shaping your thinking about the world in which you live,” Moll said. “It lets you form your opinion about the rights and wrongs of the world.”

Moll says this class will offer students new academic and cultural perspectives. 

“This really is the best course that a high school student can have the opportunity to study,” Moll said with a smile.