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Courtesy Ichwarsnur

Part of the new Spoken Word and Oral Tradition course will be an slam poetry event where students will perform their pieces.

Spoken Word and Oral Tradition (CP/H)

Spoken Word and Oral Tradition (CP or H) is a new English elective offered to sophomores through seniors that will teach students the skills and abilities they need to create and perform their own spoken word pieces. 

“My hope is that it will draw people who are interested in the dynamism of the spoken word genre as well as folks who are seeking a new challenge with an unfamiliar mode of writing and presenting,” English teacher Seth Czarnecki said.

According to Czarnecki, the course will lead up to an “evening of slam” where students will perform one of the pieces they worked on in class before live audiences.

Czarnecki says the new course will allow for creative freedom to every student who takes it and students will have the ability to write for a reason. This creativity is one of the things Czarnecki believes current English classes may be lacking.

“Whether it’s to inform, convince or elicit an emotional response, writing in the real world is expected to have an impact on the reader,”  Czarnecki said. “We all have stories worth telling, stories worth getting into the hearts and minds of the public. This class will hopefully help students experience the power of writing for an authentic audience as well as give them exposure to genres which are often overlooked in academic settings.”


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