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Courtesy Lance Cheung

A technical college student participates in horticulture, or gardening, as a part of her culinary program. Now, Algonquin students have their own culinary pathway that includes a horticulture class.

Culinary and Hospitality Pathway

The Culinary and Hospitality Pathway offers basic and complex courses in culinary studies along with a hospitality and an urban gardening component. There are four courses on this pathway: Nutrition and Culinary Arts One and Two, Horticulture and Urban Gardening and Culinary and Hospitality Management.

This pathway combines hands-on practice with classes on nutrition and the production of foods, and allows students to understand the operation of the culinary and hospitality businesses.

 “The pathway is designed as a more focused area of study for students interested in both culinary and the hospitality fields,” Applied Arts and Technology department head Mary Beth Pappas said. “It’s to give [students] an opportunity to take culinary arts classes, hospitality management and we also have an urban gardening class.”

“It’s designed for anyone, whether they are looking to learn a little bit more about culinary arts, about gardening [or about] hospitality management,” Pappas said.

Students who participate in this pathway will have the opportunity to acquire industry certifications, such as the ServSafe Food Handling certification.

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