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Photo Connor Lawless

Junior Gabby Clune runs during the meet against Leominster on Dec. 12 2018.

Girls’ Indoor Track

Coach: Patrick Galvin

Captains:­­ juniors Christina Defeudis, Danielle Defeudis and Day Ruffo and seniors Kathryn McCarthy, Julia Kardos and Alison Subat

Upcoming Big Meet: Saturday, Jan. 4 at Reggie Lewis Track Center 

Q&A with seniors Julia Kardos and Kathryn McCarthy

What is your goal for the team this year?

Julia: “We aim for a strong team connection.”

Kathryn: “We have always had goals as a team to go to the more prestigious meets and do well there. We also have academic goals and have them carry over.”

As a team, what do you need to do in the pre-season (and throughout the season) to achieve this goal? 

Julia: “For the new people, we want to ease them into the training slowly so they get a base without getting injured. Our coach likes to say, ‘Take the easy days easy and the hard days hard.’”

Kathryn: “We’ve been really focusing on warmups and form, and every single athlete uses different forms. We are implementing a new workout routine, making sure everyone is at practice and doing their job.”

Who are some of the strongest returning players and why?

Julia: “For the sprinters we have the [junior] Defeudis twins and [junior] Day Ruffo. And for the distance, we have [ [juniors] Anna Long and Kaitlyn Desio.”

Kathryn: “[Senior] Karmyn [Shreeve] is going to be really good, and [junior] Kaitlyn Desio is really good.”

Who do you think will be your toughest competition this year and why?

Julia: “We are always pretty close with Wachusett, Shepherd Hill and Shrewbury. It always switches around. They all have pretty strong distance runners.”

Kathryn: “Probably Wachusett; their meets are really tough. They have a lot of athletes.”

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