SLIDESHOW: Mentors welcome new freshman class at orientation

Jenny Lambert and Laura Anderson

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  • [From left to right] Freshmen Jordan Kearney, Aaron Hafani and Ahmed Hoosen participate in an introduction activity with junior mentor Andre Knapp.

  • [From left to right] Junior Grace Madden, senior Luisa Le Bourdonnec and juniors Elena Neilson and Emilie Clay pose as they wait to welcome the freshmen and introduce them to their small groups.

  • Freshman Cole Friedrich connects with freshman Aidan Kane [not pictured] in an ice breaker activity introduced by their mentors. “[This ice breaker] was fun,” Kane said. “Even though we already knew each other it helped us bond.”

  • A large group of freshmen and mentors participate in a big game of ‘ninja’.

  • Mentors line up in the gauntlet to welcome incoming freshman to the orientation dance.

  • The gauntlet is an annual tradition where upperclassmen mentors cheer as freshmen enter the building.

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