Photo Maria Tand

Teachers share their creations

Beyond the classroom teachers develop artistic passions

Wait…so teachers don’t live at school? They create things besides tests and worksheets? Believe it or not, they do!

Many teachers at Algonquin have interesting and creative hobbies to keep them entertained on weekends and school breaks, or even just any time they aren’t working on products for students. Some even make extra money by selling what they make.

A lot of these teachers find their creation time as a stress reliever and something to ease their busy minds and schedules. Their creations take time and patience, maybe that is what keeps them so patient with students! Next time you have some down time in class, ask your teacher about their hobbies, they will have something to share with you for sure.

English teacher Seth Czarnecki: beard oil
English teacher Renee Moffat: glassblowing
Chemistry teacher Catherine Burchat: ceramics
Guidance counselor Kathryn Mulcahy: cookies
Special Education teacher Marie Porteous: weaving
Special education aide Joan Buzzell: crocheting