Freshman Edna Kinyanjui recites her poem at the semi-finals in the black box on January 17. (Photo Megan Harrington )
Freshman Edna Kinyanjui recites her poem at the semi-finals in the black box on January 17.

Photo Megan Harrington

Poetry Out Loud semi- finalists show excitement, passion towards poetry

January 29, 2018

The Poetry Out Loud school finals will take place tomorrow, January 30 during sixth period in the auditorium.  Go watch the finalists perform and express their love for poetry!

“I’ve really enjoyed Poetry Out Loud since my freshman year, when I first heard about it. I love poetry and I try to do Poetry Out Loud every year I can; as a senior, this will be the last year I can go for it. The first poem I chose, “Monet Refuses the Operation,” is a poem I connect to as an artist, and I had wanted to do it last year but I had too many other commitments going on at the time so I didn’t get to memorize it in time. This year, I want to do it the justice it deserves.”

Taylor Murphy, senior

“It is important for students to participate in Poetry Out Loud because it gives students a chance to have fun with a genre of literature that is thought of as ‘boring’. I can’t say I’m much of a poetry enthusiast, but for me Poetry Out Loud makes poetry fun.”

Grant Perkins, sophomore

“So I first got involved with poetry out loud my freshman year, because my teacher made it a requirement that every student in the class take part. I ended up making it pretty far in the competition that year, so that was one reason I continued, but beyond that, I think it’s just a super rewarding experience. I’m a huge fan of both theatre and literature, so POL has been a really cool way to intersect the two.”

Kara Hadden, senior

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