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LIU: Dress guidelines intend to create a proper school environment, not to distinguish females

September 17, 2017

Dress codes have been around forever. And they’re all the similar: don’t wear “clothing that is too revealing” or “inappropriate in a school setting.” But as time has changed, so have certain views about dress requirements.

No matter where you stand, there is a reason dress codes are here in the first place and have been a part of social courtesy. Though freedom of expression should be taken advantage of and is highly encouraged, there is a courtesy aspect of it that should be recognized and respected. There are specific environments for specific kinds of clothing styles.

There are reasons why companies requires business formalwear. Their employees are representing the company, a brand. As much as I personally hate this word, reputation sometimes has to come first, especially in the work force. And reputation starts off with the clothes that you choose to wear.

On another note, there has been controversy about how dress codes are sexist. Though I strongly agree that the way the dress code is carried out can be pointed towards a particular sex, the dress code itself isn’t necessarily sexist.

Under the ‘Student Dress and Personal Appearance’ section, the Algonquin Student Handbook of 2017-2018 states that ‘Clothing that is too revealing is inappropriate in a school setting’. The reason why many believe this guideline is pointed towards the female gender is because of the variety of clothing that females often wear. They generally have more options, which translates to a larger chance of wearing something that is deemed unacceptable. This statement tends to point more towards girls because their fashion sense goes beyond t-shirts and shorts.

Something that could be improved upon is the way schools carry out and enforce dress codes. Not necessarily just at Algonquin, but in schools across the nation. School officials should watch the words they say when explaining the dress code and justifying their reasons when consequences are established. The true essence of the rule is to ensure a proper school environment, not to polarize females.

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