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“Most Artistic” superlative winners showcase their distinct work

April 9, 2017

Ribaudo stuns with signature styles

Senior and “Most Artistic” superlative winner Elise Ribaudo has developed a signature style when it comes to her pieces: innovative techniques and expressive ideas are always incorporated into her work.

Ribaudo first found her love of art in elementary school when her teacher, Carolyn Kinloch-Winkler, went out of her way to provide after-school private lessons for select kids.

“She was my first real art teacher and I learned a lot from her,” Ribaudo said. “That was when I first discovered art was something I really wanted to do.”

Courtesy Elise Ribaudo
Senior Elise Ribaudo has been working on several pieces in AP art to showcase her style.

As Ribaudo got older, she found ways to continue developing her artistic career at home.

“I work on [art] at home all the time,” Ribaudo said. “I have sketchbooks that are filled with sketches and stuff. Most of the painting I do in school, but at home I do a lot of sketching.”

Ribaudo has taken a variety of art classes, working her way up to the AP level. With seven art classes on her resume, it is apparent that she has worked hard to develop her skills and style.

“I think that [AP Studio Art] is a good opportunity to just do whatever I want,” Ribaudo said. “There’s no real assignments like there were in the other art classes, so I can really just have complete freedom.”

Ribaudo has been working on a variety of pieces in AP Art that showcase her versatility, creativity, and the distinct style that she has developed.

“I think I have a strong personal style in my artwork and you can always tell that it’s mine; it’s pretty realistic but still unique to me,” Ribaudo said. “I paint a lot of people because that’s my favorite and probably what I’ve practiced most.”

Art teacher George Hancin has seen Ribaudo grow as an artist throughout her time at Algonquin.

“Elise was always a very talented artist, but her style has matured,” Hancin said. “I’ve seen her develop her skills and become more original with her ideas.”

Courtesy Elise Ribaudo
Senior Elise Ribaudo aspires to go to college for art and environmental sustainability, two passions which she hopes to merge into a career.

Earning the title “Most Artistic” was especially meaningful to Ribaudo, as it gave her the affirmation she needed to continue her expressive work.

“It’s reassuring to know that my peers think I’m good at art, because sometimes I doubt myself,” Ribaudo said.

Ribaudo has been accepted to numerous art schools and plans to continue her art career wherever she may go.

“I want to go school for art and environmental sustainability, and find a way to merge those together to impact the environment with my art,” Ribaudo said.

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    Montilla tells stories through art, animation

    Antonio Montilla may have won the senior superlative for “Most Artistic,” but what the banner doesn’t show is why his unique art with an animated twist deserves that title.

    For over ten years, creating art has been Montilla’s passion. His inspiration stems from a day trip he took with his mom at seven years old.

    Photo Maggie Del Re
    Senior Antonio Montilla likes the type of art found in graphic novels and movies because they tell the viewers a story.

    “She took me to an art show,” Montilla said. “This guy was presenting all these cartoons he created and I just thought it was really cool what he was doing. I bought his book and then I started copying what he did.”

    Ever since he started practicing the cartoons from that book, Montilla has grown into his own unique kind of artist.

    “I like storytelling art, so the ones you see in a graphic novel style or a movie style,” Montilla said. “I’m not really a traditional painter. I like my drawings to have life.”

    He is currently working on a short story about a little girl who receives a blanket for her birthday that becomes her best friend. She forgets it at the park one day and the blanket waits years to see if she will return. Not only is Montilla writing the story, he is creating graphics that go along with the storyline as well.

    His AP art teacher, George Hancin, appreciates Montilla’s style.

    “I like how original he can be with his characters that he develops,” Hancin said. “He likes to make up his own characters and narratives, his own stories.”

    Photo Maggie Del Re
    Senior Antonio Montilla crafted this self portrait for his portfolio.

    Montilla plans to attend art school and applied to college with the focus in learning animation art with potentially a minor in medical illustration. After he completes art school, Montilla wants to pursue his dream career.

    “I would either love to work at a Disney studio or a Pixar studio, not only doing the animation but also storyboarding, so writing the stories,” Montilla said.

    “I want him to succeed in what he wants to do,” Hancin said.


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