True Crime: Top five most horrific Massachusetts murders


In this blog, Staff Writer Grace Campbell explores five terrible and violent crimes, all of which occured in Massachusetts.

Grace Campbell, Staff Writer

Today’s blog will be a little different and instead focuses on the top five (in my opinion) most notable and gruesome cases that have taken place right here in Massachusetts.

1. The Wakefield Massacre 

This mass shooting took place in 2000 when 42-year-old Michael McDermott used an AK-47, a 12 gauge shotgun and a .32 caliber pistol to murder seven of his co-workers at Edgewater Technology. He shot them all in the back of the head, execution-style. This horrible tragedy was made worse only by what he claimed at his trial when he said, “God offered me to travel back in time to kill Hitler and the last six nazis” who in his mind, were his coworkers. Good thing McDermott is now serving seven consecutive life sentences without parole. 

2. Aaron Hernandez 

This is one of the most well-known cases to come out of Massachusetts due to Hernandez’s spot on the New England Patriots at the time of the murders. In 2013, Hernandez’s friend Odin Lloyd’s body was found with multiple bullet wounds in the same neighborhood as Hernadez’s house. A year later, two men were shot and killed in a drive-by, which Hernandez was also connected to. He was found guilty of the double murder, and in 2015, convicted of first-degree murder for Lloyd. Before serving his full sentence, Hernadez took his own life in jail. 

3. Baby Doe

In 2015, “Baby Doe” later identified as Bella Bond’s body was found wrapped in a plastic trash bag on the coast of Deer Island in Boston Harbor. Only two when she died, Bond was murdered by Michael McCarthy, her mother’s boyfriend, and her mom helped dump her body. Her mother, Rachelle, served time with two years parole, whereas McCarthy is now serving life and won’t be eligible for parole until 2037. 

4. The Boston Strangler

Going way back to the 1960s for this case, the Boston Strangler murdered 13 women in the Greater Boston area. He murdered each victim by suffocating them with their own nylon stockings in their homes. There have been many questions as to if the right man was convicted, but after multiple witness testimonies and his own confession, Albert DeSalvo was serving his life sentence at Walpole State Prison, where he was stabbed to death in 1973.

5. Harvard Murder-Suicide

Harvard is often spoken of for its prestigious academics, but let’s not forget the tragedy of 1995. A junior at the time, Sinedu Tadesse, murdered her roommate then killed herself. Before the murder, Tadesse sent an anonymous picture of herself to the school newspaper with the caption, “Keep this picture. There will soon be a very juicy story involving this woman.” Chills. Later, she stabbed her roommate, Trang Ho, 45 times, ending her life. Following the killing she hanged herself in the bathroom, ending her own life.