True Crime: The disappearance of Heather Teague


In this True Crime blog, Staff Writer Grace Campbell covers the suspicious disappearance of Heather Teague. Although the case was surrounded by leads and incriminating suspects, it remains a cold case.

A 23-year-old woman named Heather Teague was mysteriously kidnapped from a beach on August 26, 1995. This is the story of her disappearance, and what people think might have happened.

On the day of her disappearance, Teague was sunbathing alone on Newburg Beach in Henderson County, Kentucky. A witness named Timothy Walthall claims he saw Teague there and watched her abduction take place. His story goes as follows: 

He saw a man walk up Teague, pick her up by her hair and drag her into the woods off the beach at gunpoint. About 30 minutes after he saw this he called 911 to report the incident. He says the reason he waited so long to call the cops was because he wanted to make sure she wasn’t coming back. On the phone, he described the capture as a six-foot-tall, white man, with brown hair and a brown bushy beard. 

Walthall lived across the river from the beach and claimed he saw the whole kidnapping take place through his telescope right before he ate dinner. Seems a little weird to me that on the day of a kidnapping he randomly decides to look at the beach through his telescope, but whatever. 

After the 911 call, the authorities headed to the beach with search dogs to search the beach and the woods that Walthall claimed she was dragged into. They never found her.

Now, to this day Teague, who was a student at Western Kentucky University, has not been heard or seen again. It is a mystery what happened to her, but let’s break down some theories.


The first suspect was a man named Marvin Dill. Dill was parked next to Teague at the beach that day, and upon inspection, police found some rope, multiple guns and knives, duct tape and rubber gloves in his car. However, the composite sketch based on Walthall’s description did not match Dill, seeing as he was bald with no beard. However, five days after her abduction, police went on their way to Dill’s house for questioning. When they arrived they found Dill’s dead body, as he had just died by suicide. So I guess we’ll never know his involvement in this case, if any. 

A second suspect is a man named Christopher Belo. He was considered due to his possible involvement in three other women’s disappearances in the area; however, he was never officially convicted in those cases. Belo, Dill and Teague were all said to have had many friends in common and Belo lived in Henderson County, the same county the abduction took place. But on the same day that Dill died, Belo fled Kentucky and is currently serving time in prison on a count of involuntary manslaughter for another case. He is scheduled to be released later this year, and until then, there’s nothing to do but rule him out. 

And lastly, of course, was Walthall himself. Everything about his story is suspicious, how he was randomly looking out of his telescope at the time of the abduction and how he waited so long to call the police. However there is no proof of his involvement, so he was ruled out regardless of how suspicious Teague’s friends and family found his story. 

It’s been 25 years with no arrest, so I assume this will stay a cold case, but we can only hope one day her kidnapper will be brought to justice.